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We are Nettipattam Lotus Craft

The Lotus Craft world are committed to the development of innovative ideas through understanding the importance of preserving traditional crafts. Rooted in ancient craft practices, our collections are infused with Indian culture and a sense of place while being designed for a modern global lifestyle.

Our hand-made craft products include nettipattam (elephant caparison), vattapattam, star pattam, mirror work, love pattam, valkannaadi nettipattam, thidamb, photo works, function special crafts etc, which is made using 100% quality raw materials and we take pride in our neat and perfect work.

kerala traditional handicrafts- Nettipattam Lotus Craft
customized crafts in Kerala, India- Nettipattam Lotus Craft

Our products are appealing to both the discerning eye and the human heart. We believe that Indian handicrafts can be a part of our everyday life, and that like any other industry, can be a source of meaningful employment.

Our products are a singular fusion of India's past and present, brought to life by the efforts of acclaimed designers. Our masterpiece product, Nettipattam, is a glittering ornament and it adorns the forehead of an elephant. Earlier, Nettipattam was only used during festivals. Today, using it as wall hangings in various sizes is popular and trendy. Nettipattam represents the entire pantheon of gods in Hinduism. Nettipattam in Vastu Shastra is auspicious when you hang it in the east-west direction of your home and is believed to bring prosperity, happiness and positive energy to your family as it represents the Hindu gods in entirety.

We provide caparison of 5.5 With Concept Model & 5.5 Non-Concept Model. Concept model is traditional and according to Vasthu, and is more suitable to use it as a home wall decor. It is designed according to the representation of Lord Ganapati, Navagraha, Trimoorths, Stars etc, with their exact count, size and location. Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati are positioned to the left and right, respectively. Our nettipattam can be customized as per your wish and is made using fire materials and it is available in gold and silver colour. Our products can be used as a decorative piece either in your offices, or houses or can is also ideal to be gifted to your loved ones. We are thus committed in creating Smile and spreading Happiness for Generations!


To provide clients with enduring value by employing cutting-edge methods, world-class standards, and a positive outlook.

To facilitate the sale of minimum of 2500 nettipattam within 2025


To maintain and develop Indian artisanal and craft skills so they can continue to be a vital part of our cultural fabric.

To be recognized as the market leader in creating high-quality functional Indian handicrafts.